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Contract our advanced capabilities in professional welding, rigging, pipefitting and custom fabrication for your ongoing business needs or once in a lifetime project. Either way, we’d love to hear what industrial needs you have!

Natural Gas Pipe Weld & Installation

Natural Gas Pipe Installation

We were called by IHOP & Chipolte to retrofit their facilities with a rooftop mounted natural gas pipe system. We used 4″ pipe to fit and weld a nearly 175′ no-meter system allowing these local restaurants to receive natural gas service to feed both their heating units and cooking equipment.

OSHA Compliant Heavy-Duty Aluminum Rolling Stairs with Platform

Heavy Duty Stairways

When a client requires egress and mobility in their multiple level facilities, we can provide OSHA Compliant fabrication. For this project, we fabricated a set of heavy-duty rolling steps incorporating the lightweight nature of aluminum with safety yellow trim.

Secured Roof Access Ladder

Roof Access Ladders

With codes enforced by local, state and federal entities, providing a means of safe access to your property’s roof is essential. No matter the height or other challenges your site presents, we provide roof access ladders that meet code and ensure safety to personnel servicing your roof.

Asphalt Plant

We were commissioned to bring this asphalt plant’s dryer back up to an optimally functioning structure. We used 3/8″ thick rolled plate to repair a 3 foot section of this 9 foot diameter pipe.

Custom Railings & Stairways

When we are hired to work on a stairway or railing project, we take our customers’ property to the next levels. No matter if the project is required to stand up to the harsh elements of an exterior setting or functions more for style, we have the expertise and ingeniuty to design and the fabricate the structure onsite.

Shooting Range

Utilizing a total of 17,000 lbs of steel, we designed, fabricated and rigged a bullet proof shooting range back into operation. Requiring the ability to withstand constant impact from high powered fire arms, we relied on AR (Abrasion Resistant) 500 plate for its excellent ability to stand up to ballistic impact.

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